Sweet success in the luxury candy business

Zilberman, 38, is the brains behind New York-based Sweet Saba, an extravagance confection line that started in November 2015. Her cutting edge gathering incorporates consumable renditions of confection lipsticks, shades, blend tapes and records that incorporate hand-painted subtle elements. She likewise delivers sugar gem sweet that resembles glass statues, which are handcrafted, with flavors including champagne and ginger.

The main issue? The yummy treats could very well be excessively lovely, making it impossible to eat.

“The way I approach treat is more from an aesthetic point of view,” she said. “It’s for adults. I’m requesting that clients pause for a minute to consider what it would seem that, what it may have an aftertaste like and what the experience may be.”

Costs run from $5 into the thousands for custom requests.


As a tyke, Zilberman moved to Canada from Israel, and her interest with innovativeness began early. She used to prepare with her granddad, testing and making models in the kitchen. “Sweet Saba” is named after him. “Saba” implies granddad in Hebrew.

“Preparing was energizing to me as a child since it was the dream of transforming [materials] into something unique,” she said.

Zilberman’s innovative resume incorporates an extravagance undergarments mark she helped to establish called, The Lake and Stars, which had its last season in the fall of 2012. From that point, she proceeded onward as an imaginative executive of Frederick’s of Hollywood, which was experiencing a rebranding.

Be that as it may, taking a shot at more settled, substantial brands implies remove from the real final results. This craftsman business visionary longed for a more active association with what was being made. At that point came the treat.

“I needed to return to my foundations of making craftsmanship, and I didn’t have a workmanship studio at the time,” Zilberman said. “So I began making little models in my kitchen where I could make a wreck. The most helpful medium I had at the time was sugar.”


She in the long run presented the things online on share with companions, who started to arrange them.

“I began to take a gander at the numbers and opportunity and understood this was a business,” she said. With no formal preparing in cooking or heating, Zilberman stated, she “picked up everything on YouTube.”

Her confection is accessible solely at SweetSaba.com, and in fly up shops in and around New York. Anticipated deals for the rest of 2017 are in the six-figure go, she said.


What’s more, her one of a kind, extravagance treat has pulled in top customers. Clients have included W Magazine, form name Alice+Olivia and Adam Selman, a most loved architect of pop star Rihanna.

She never knows who will require a request. Zilberman was once authorized to outline a treat wrestling belt.

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